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Lynn Guyton and Martha Shadle partner together to offer SSAT services.



Martha Shadle and Lynn Guyton are veteran tutors with over 15 years of individual tutoring experience. Both are owner and operator of their own private tutoring businesses. Lynn Guyton is founder and owner of Learning Linkz which offers academic tutoring in all subjects, exams / study skills Labs, academic coaching, consultations and books and study materials.  Martha Shadle provides Orton-Gillingham, reading comprehension and writing tutoring.


They have been partnering together for over 10 years to offer SSAT services.


SSAT Services

The SSAT is required for admissions to many of the private schools, grades 6th through 11th. This test also provides an excellent opportunity for every rising middle or high school student to experience the testing environment. The SSAT is great preparation for the SAT, the entrance test required for most colleges.


Lynn focises on the math sections of the SSAT and Martha focuses on the reading and verbal sections of the test. They offer April and August Parent Informational Gatherings, Summer SSAT Classes, SSAT Mini-Mocks and Full Mocks, SSAT Fall 5 week, 2 session and 3 session classes. They also provide private score consulatation, Lynn's Math Skills Book and private SSAT tutoring.

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